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Some more Darksiders this evening after work. Reached the part I was up to in the PC version, and completed that area. Which is awesome, except said area included ball rolling. I don't play many games that have the feature, so I can't compare, but for the most part it was tolerable and used well in the puzzles.

Except then it was the key to the boss fight. And to make matters worse, the balls weren't the nice stone ones in the area up till that point. They were alive. With a time limit. Technically a clever boss fight, interesting way to use the mechanic, the level was sort of good practice, etc. By the time I finished the fight I was pissed off. If there was a way to aim the ball, I don't know about it, and the alternative is either be damned good at it, practice a shitload, or pray for blind luck.

I went with the third option.

But that area is done, and I'm done playing for the night. Besides the boss fight, it was rather nice. A couple of the puzzles were annoying, and I worked them out mostly by chance and a moment of "Fine, whatever, I'll reset- Are you kidding me??"

It'll be kind of interesting to see how I go with the area on PC. I'm inclined to think I'll have better luck with mouse and keyboard.
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