Played some more Toki Tori today, although I'm at the stage where I'm struggling with every single puzzle. The fact that there are YouTube videos with solutions for all (or most) of the levels isn't really helping, particularly when I'm watching something else I don't want to stop to go hunting for said solution. I may have to go back over the puzzles I've done so far, and maybe do the bonus and hard puzzles for the first couple of worlds. Puzzles aren't really my thing, so I'd sort of be okay with just getting through them any old way, but it'd be nice if I could at least say that I'd mostly worked them all out myself.

Another on the list of games that I bought because someone said it was good and then forgot about is Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers. Only had time to go through the how to play bit and lose a campaign, but I think it might be something I can enjoy. As long as I can learn enough to not lose all the time. Which.... could be a thing. We'll see.

On thing that has me hesitant is the whole unlocking decks thing, particularly with cash. I'm hoping that it'll work out so I'll either get what I need as the game goes along or learn enough to be sure of what I want to buy, but that sort of thing is definitely not my skill. I like games that go "Here are some good options, learn how to use them and you'll be fine." For the time being I'm sticking with what I've got, and if that's not good enough I'll either quit or get better at the game.

Also tried a f2p mmo called Dragon Nest on impulse and it's not too bad. Well, terrible compared to WoW but that's not a fair comparison so we won't do that. Infinitely better than Everquest at least, and certainly decent enough on its own merits. I had some setup issues because of my dual monitors and Dvorak keyboard setting, and the monitor thing at least doesn't look to be something that I can fix how I want it regardless of how much I fiddle. Probably would have spent more time with this one, but our power's been playing up.

The dialogue to get quests is a bit tedious, and I'm mostly just spamming my way through it all and then checking the quest log after to figure out what's going on. Plus the quests involving Delilah make me.... a little uncomfortable. She's a dodgy vendor, but my character basically threatening her was a bit much. It all seems to be fully scripted though, so I don't think there's much I can do, and I'm guessing it won't affect character relations in any way that wasn't meant to happen. Still, wish it wasn't a thing.

And finally, in the "I've heard nothing good about this but it was on sale and I just had to try it" category: Game of Thrones RPG. So far it's.... not good, but I'll probably play more of it than others might. The dialogue is way too much - serious infodumping issues, probably because of the books/tv series connection - and I have no idea if the dialogue options have any influence on things, but I tend to ignore that anyway unless it's really good. So unless it turns out that what I say actually matters, I'll probably just skim the talk and make whatever comment seems reasonable at the time.

As for the combat it's.... clunky but not impossible, and goes rather well with the not paying much attention thing. Although I've died once so far because I forgot health was a thing. This is one of those games where the epic casualness of my playstyle will help, as long as the game lets it, because I think I can ignore a lot of the awful elements of it.
Played three games today, two completely new, one mostly so.

First game was only because it was in Steam's free to play list and I've never played it before and decided I needed to say I'd at least tried. The game being EverQuest. It's since been deleted from my computer. I died laughing a bit at the hideous characters in the character creation, didn't even try customising, and then proceeded to flail at bad controls and UI. Seriously ugly game on all counts.

Then I loaded up Ys Origin. This is one I grabbed a while back on a Steam sale. At the time I hurriedly grabbed the demo to play for a bit before deciding whether or not to get the game at all. Despite being dumped into a level with no clue what I was doing or how or why, I managed to work out navigation, attacks, and the puzzle, all of which are impressive achievements for me.

So far the game proper has had similar success, although the lack of healing ability really throws me off. I'm used to being able to heal during battles, and if there's a way to do that I haven't found it yet, so the boss kicked my arse quite thoroughly. I was getting frustrated enough to want to quit and come back to it later, but I hit a stubborn streak and kept going, which actually paid off! So that was pretty cool.

Navigation and puzzles are not my strong skills, so the lack of a map is really noticeable, and the amount of backtracking the puzzles require is a pain in the neck. That plus the healing thing is really my biggest negatives of the game, which totally doesn't count because it's all user failure. The game itself is adorable and well set out.

Final game was Toki Tori, a puzzle game about.... a chicken collecting eggs. I only picked it up because TotalBiscuit recommended it, and given the game that's surprising enough to take note of. So glad I did too. It's super cute, easy controls (I played it mouse only, there's also keyboard and controller options) and the puzzles are neat. I've been stumped by three so far, but they have a Wildcard thing so you can skip one if you need to, and you get the Wildcard back by completing that level. Although I get just frustrated enough that I think I should do one world at a time and then stop while I'm still feeling good about it.

Also, I've only done the normal levels. There's hard levels and bonus levels, but I haven't even looked at them yet. Not sure when/if I will.



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