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Obviously I've been forgetting to update this when I game. Sometimes I just forget to, or I don't have time, or I just go "meh, it wasn't that interesting". Oh well.

Mostly I've been playing Terraria, WoW, Diablo 3 and some StarCraft 2. No Ys Origin, though I'm not really sure why. I should get back to that soon I suppose.

The thing I have been playing over the last couple of days is... well, not really a game. It's a visual novel dating sim called Katawa Shoujo. Heavy emphasis on the novel aspect, with very few dialogue and action options, and no other mechanics. It's also very focussed on one girl, once you make the choices to go on her path. There are five to choose from, and Emi's seems to be the easiest path to land on by mistake. The game doesn't really do much to indicate whose path you're going down so until you get to act two it's a bit of a guessing game. I was trying to get Hanako, but I guess I made a mistake somewhere.

I will play- should I say read? I will read it again, and maybe use a reference sheet to get someone else. Or I could just make sure I choose different options and hope for the best?

It did take me about 7 hours to read through Emi's storyline, but I think I could go slower. The problem was that I was wanting more interaction and getting frustrated at it, so I skipped and skimmed over a lot of it. I still think I got most of it, because I read easily with not much attention, but still. I didn't really give the story the focus it deserved.

When I do it again, I'll treat it more like a book. That should help.

[ETA: I think this is my first chance to tag something completed too :D That makes me happy.]
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