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I really need to start tracking how much I actually play games, because I tend to get a lot of games, play some a bit, and the default right back to a few favourites. Which means I finish sod all of them. (I've finished three. In my life. Yes, I'm serious, yes I'm somewhat embarrassed by that. I'm working on it, okay?)

Anyway, it's 3am, I've just been playing Darksiders 2 for the first time, and I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be great to use some sort of online journal thing to track this" and DW was the best I could come up with. As long as I remember to actually update it, it should work out okay.

So to the topic in hand.

Recently pre-ordered the Wii U (look, those emails are effective, don't judge me) and got Darksiders 2 with it mostly because price and I'd heard good things about it. Except then Steam had a sale so I ended up with the PC version too because... well, because I'm really bad at budgets and restraint.

First impressions? I fucking love it. I am playing on the easiest difficulty setting, because I know myself too well, so combat has so far been a breeze. But it's been an enjoyable breeze. It reacts nicely, it's letting me spam attacks while I learn how to do it properly, and it looks good. The whole game looks good really, although the areas make me want to just jump and crawl all over everything, and that just doesn't happen. Also I ran into a couple of random fights because of checking out the scenery, but you get that.

The horse... I like it, it looks amazing, but something about the handling makes me think I may end up cursing it later on. I could be wrong, I want to be wrong, we'll just have to wait and see. Although that particular worry could just be because I'm automatically comparing it to Epona in Zelda, and I wanted to turn that horse into glue more than a few times.

And the story is definitely working for me so far. I want Death to succeed, I want to find out the secrets, I want to see the Corruption defeated, etc and so on. Which is particularly important to me, so I'm hoping it lasts.

Given that I'll have two copies of the game, I really, really hope I like it enough to finish.
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