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Ys Origin today, which could have been a bad idea because I'm stressed a bit, but the navigation fail was actually amusing and I made progress despite it. Plus all the extra killing from backtracking got me a level up.

The lack of a map does bug me a bit, although the running around does seem like it'll help in the long run. Also, it'd be nice to have some sort of tips section or a quest type feature. When I first went into it, I ran around for a bit with no idea where I was up to or what to do next. Not exactly a productive use of time. Again with the lots of killing being a good thing I guess? Plus, incentive to play more often so I remember more.

Also played a bit more Terraria, but it's getting too close to my shift so I couldn't really enjoy it properly. Made a sky arena above my house for when the Eye of Cthulhu starts spawning, started working on a tunnel under the Corruption, and... that was about it. Given that it's only a small map, I suspect there won't be much past the Corruption besides the Jungles, so my next goal really needs to be setting up for Cthulhu and the worm thing. Have to see how it goes.
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