Dec. 17th, 2012

So. Terraria. This is the sort of game that hooks me really nicely, drains away a lot of time, and leaves me feeling really satisfied with little to show for it.

The thing is, to really enjoy playing it, I need to be able to login, see what I've created, and go "Yeah, I'm happy with this, what can I add/do next?" Which is great, except when the last few sessions have been spent patching stuff together and generally making a mess. So I'm left wanting to clean it all up but not wanting to sink the time needed to do so bit by bit, because I also want to go off adventuring again.

Add to that the random-but-predictable nature of the world generation, and I just really like starting a new world. The only world I have that's lasted is one I share with a friend. All the others have fallen by the wayside.

Which is sort of a bad thing ("I've spent so much time on this and I'm still on the same midgame stuff") but... I still love playing it, so I guess that's okay? I used to play Minecraft, which I enjoyed, but never got into the mods or the creative mode, so the appeal was limited.

Anyway, setting myself a goal with the current Terraria world: Keep it organised and work on beating the bosses.

In other news, had the bad idea of going into EB Games after work the other day (my budget disapproves...) and picked up the Warcraft 3 battlechest because it was on sale.

Once upon a time, I played Warcraft 2 a bit, but proceeded to lose interest in Warcraft until WoW came out. Actually to be honest in that time I wasn't really gaming much at all, and WoW was what I came back to because my brother got into it.

When I saw Warcraft 3, my thoughts ran "I have a friend who plays that, and she likes it", "It's a battlechest, which is cool" and "It's pretty cheap and this way I can't justify getting anything more expensive". And lo, I became an owner of Warcraft 3.

Haven't spent much time with it yet, just the horde prologue campaign, and so far my conclusions are: Pretty cool, graphics and portrait animations are hilariously bad. Seriously, watch the portraits as they talk and tell me that a face should move like that. But I suppose it is 10 years old or something, and the gameplay graphics are certainly good enough to play. Just have to not watch the portraits.

In other other news.... I need to stop buying new games before I finish current ones. On a related note, I need to spend more time finishing games and less time stuffing around with Terraria.



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