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WoW is one of those things that I either play a ridiculous amount or not at all, with a little bit of middle ground. My brother got it shortly after it launched, and got me and a few friends into it not long after. I was rather addicted for quite a while and then.... my laptop fried. So for a year or two I had no way to play it at all. Which was actually pretty okay but geez was I happy to get a real computer back.

So that happened in time for Wrath of the Lich King, for which I bought the original again plus the two expansions, because I didn't have my original login or email or card details or anything, so buying again seemed like the easiest option. And since then I've had continuous subscription because.... well because I can. Even with the times I don't play it at all, I still play it more than other games that I spend as much or more money on. It all works out in the end or something.

One of my biggest things with WoW is that getting to the endgame has absolutely no appeal to me. The bosses and raiding and stuff always seems like so much player-drama and then you run around doing stupid low level stuff and achievements and generally wasting time. Which usually leaves me getting to around level 40, if even that far, then starting a new character to play around with a new class or race or area, or just get the satisfaction of actually making regular levelling progress.

Anyway, with the release of Mists of Pandaria, I decided to a) play more pandas, because pandas are adorable and b) play more classes, to the tune of all of them. So on Dalaran I have 11 characters, one of every class, a Pandaren for every class they can have, and almost equal parts Horde and Alliance. I have two Worgens to make up the numbers for the Alliance, and a Blood Elf and Undead for the Horde. Which amuses me and that's what matters.

So far, aside from the Death Knight, all the chars are in the 15-22 range, and I'm trying to send them to different zones as much as possible. Although at this stage there's inevitable repetition and that's okay.

What I figure is that as long as I focus on keeping them all in a reasonable level range I can just pick whichever suits my fancy at the time and I'll actually keep going with them. That's the theory anway... We'll see.

Today I played about half an hour with my Worgen Druid in Darkshore, but I'm way too tired to really sink time into it. Maybe later this afternoon, or before bed.
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